British teenager was forced at gunpoint to marry her cousin in Pakistan then raped | Daily Mail Online

A British teenager has told of how she was forced at gunpoint in Pakistan to marry her cousin before being raped everyday for three years.

Tabassan Khan, who has been given a new name to protect her identity was 15 and living with her aunt in Doncaster when she was told she was going on a summer holiday to Pakistan.

Her father was already in prison for murdering her mother when she was just 12 and went to live with the relative with her three brothers.

So young muslim girls are lower on the victim pantheon than a stone age religion…

John Carpay: Defending the right to speak out against honour killings | National Post


The City of Edmonton will have to justify its silencing of a non-profit group that wants to promote gender equality and protect Canadian women and girls from honour killings.


… or CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC…

Freedom Tastes Good

The Syrian city of Manbij has been liberated from the grip of the self-styled Islamic State by Kurdish fighters known as the Syrian Democratic Forces. Photos from Reuters show the relief and celebration of the citizens.


Power Companies Go Galt

Brains behind Notley NDP climate change plan says no one figured to be in this electricity argy-bargy

They didn’t think it would happen.

They didn’t figure electricity prices would go this low.

Because they didn’t believe electricity prices would go this low, they didn’t believe the electricity contracts would be unprofitable or become more unprofitable. Not even with a hike to the carbon levy and added costs to coal-fired electricity green-lighted by the Notley NDP government.

Source: Eastern Carolina University Offers ‘Adulting Classes’ for Fragile Students – Hit & Run : Reason.com

Mental health services are strained—the kids just can’t handle failure.


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