During An Election…

The CBC runs this story:

Facebook building a dislike button ‘to express empathy’

And then tweets out this:


Then deletes the tweet when called on it…

Burn it down.

Just Not Ready…

Gerald Butts isn’t as smart as he thinks he is…

When a war room fails a leader: Trudeau, truthiness and the economy | David Akin’s On the Hill

Trudeau should never have been put in this position. His first media availability Monday should have been scheduled until later in the day so that he could have read and been briefed on the report. Or Trudeau should have finished with reporters questions before the 9 ET release of the “surprise surplus.” Or he should have simply told reporters he would answer questions about this major budget document which he had not yet read later in the day.

Instead, he plunged right in — with disastrous results, considering he’ll be in a leaders’ debate on the economy in three days.


CNN: China Dumps Treasuries

It’s no secret that China is the largest holder of U.S. debt.

So should Americans be concerned that China has started dumping some of its Treasury holdings?
After all, it raises serious questions about whether China will keep lending Washington money to help finance the federal deficit in the future.
But right now, China is selling because it’s in dire need of cash. Recently, it unleashed multiple moves to support its markets and prevent its currency from a freefall, while at the same time trying to stimulate the economy.

Source: China is dumping U.S. debt – Sep. 10, 2015

Apparently unaware that the anniversary of 9/11 still means something……

Munich Officials: We’ve Reached ‘Limit’ For Migrants

German and Austrian media are reporting that the government will enact unspecified border controls to stem the flow of refugees.

Jeremy Corbyn t-shirt workers paid 49p an hour in Nicaragua | Daily Mail Online

Jeremy Corbyn swept to victory backed by cash raised from the sale of T-shirts made by factory workers earning just 49p an hour in Nicaragua. The garments cost supporters £10 and £3.50 for postage.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn t-shirt workers paid 49p an hour in Nicaragua | Daily Mail Online


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