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Staged News Photo

As I said a few days ago:

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Media Bias 101

A leader won’t take a break from his holiday to fly around a bit and say a few words of comfort. He doesn’t have to drag his Secret Service entourage around on the ground and get in the way but just go there and pretend that he cares… Trudeau took lessons from this guy.

2005: A Republican president takes three days to survey a natural disaster in Louisiana and Mississippi after cutting a vacation short.

The media at the time declares that was way too long, far too insensitive, even pushes a narrative that labels him racist.

2016: A Democratic president will not only cut a vacation short in any capacity to survey a natural disaster in Louisiana — the worst of any kind to hit the country in four years — but hasn’t even made any public statements on it. Not one.

The media of 2016 now yawns. Basically indicates its no big deal and if there is actual criticism, it doesn’t lead a cable news hour or go anywhere near a front page.

Thinking of teaching a class on partisan media one day? Put this example at the top of your syllabus.

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 If I lose that I’ll just move to Syria or Saudi Arabia, or some other country that respects free speech as much as Canada does,

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I Hate Being Right

RCMP investigating Peterborough plane crash as ‘national security issue’

Global News has learned the RCMP is now leading the investigation into a stolen plane that mysteriously crashed in Peterborough, Ont. last week and it is being treated as a potential “national security issue.”

Global News has also learned the identity of the man who crashed the plane.

Twenty-year-old Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary of Markham, Ont., was killed after the small Piper Tomahawk aircraft he allegedly stole from the Markham Airport crash landed just before 1:30 a.m. Friday near the Landsdowne Place mall in Peterborough’s south end about 140 kilometres east of Toronto.

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Media Malpractice at CNN

CNN Selectively Edits Police Shooting Victim’s Sister’s Words to Protesters – NewsBusters

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British teenager was forced at gunpoint to marry her cousin in Pakistan then raped | Daily Mail Online

A British teenager has told of how she was forced at gunpoint in Pakistan to marry her cousin before being raped everyday for three years.

Tabassan Khan, who has been given a new name to protect her identity was 15 and living with her aunt in Doncaster when she was told she was going on a summer holiday to Pakistan.

Her father was already in prison for murdering her mother when she was just 12 and went to live with the relative with her three brothers.

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