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Pray For Fort Mac

Canadian Red Cross

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Deleted his tweet. Twitter is forever…

This douche never disappoints:

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Trolling A Nation

How rich that Homolka called the cops when reporters descended on the house.
How chilling that she’s again using the name Leanne Teale. Homolka and Bernardo legally changed their names to Leanne and Paul Jason Teale, taken from a movie about a serial killer.
She clearly hasn’t relinquished all the symbolic connections to her ex-husband and their merciless crime spree.

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We have to learn this from the press and not the police…

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No Media Bias Here

Canadian MSM spins 53.4% of the popular vote and 70% of the seats as an “ugly election of bad choices”…

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CHRIS HORNER: The global warming industry’s RICO gambit – Washington Times

While RICO suits, or the threat thereof, can be costly for those at the receiving end, they can be lucrative for others. For example, we now know that the RICO chorus hopes to obtain massive settlements to fund the global warming machine’s academic and activist components.

RICO predators expect targeted companies to behave ritually: pay up under threat of years of bad press and litigation. These costs are passed on to consumers, of course. But the far greater threat is to democratic debate, given the lawsuits’ other objective, which proponents openly acknowledge: to coerce their critics into silence and extract vows not to fund further opposition.

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