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What a croc: Queensland Police seize Townsville Crocs t-shirt launcher


For more than a decade an air-powered piece of PVC pipe has, without fear or favour, fired t-shirts into a delighted crowd at home games of the Townsville Crocodiles.

But no more.

The National Basketball League team was this week forced to surrender its homemade t-shirt cannon to police, after it was deemed a category B weapon.

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You’ve Been Warned

School officials in Okay, Oklahoma, hope the threat of armed teachers on campus will prevent mass shootings

Source: Teachers may be carrying guns, US school signs warn – Telegraph

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February 2016:

Only half of the more than 600 government sponsored refugees who have arrived in Ottawa since Dec. 31 have found homes.

Nicholson said it’s a slow process because in some cases, families are turning down the housing that’s being offered.

Refugees are often given two choices when it comes to their new housing arrangements, but families also have their own expectations about where they want to live.

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Peak Climate Change

The Conservatives chastised the defence minister in question period Thursday for remarks he made in a speech last week linking the start of the Syrian civil war to climate change.

Source: Conservatives blast Sajjan for linking Syrian conflict to climate change | CTV News

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Treasury Board President Scott Brison tabled legislation in the House of Commons today to repeal controversial Conservative changes to the sick leave program for federal public servants, a move that will add $900 million to the government’s mounting budget deficit.

Source: Liberals to roll back Tories’ $900M federal sick leave changes – Politics – CBC News

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