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Local News Story

The news media seems strangely incurious about this story…

Halifax man, Samir Dib Elias faces June trial on threats, weapons charges | The Chronicle Herald

Elias was arrested after the search allegedly turned up a handgun, two semi-automatic rifles, 28 prohibited magazines for the weapons, more than 500 rounds of ammunition and a Kevlar vest. He got bail six days later.

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Nothing To Do With Islam

As they keep telling us these animals are high jacking islam for their own purposes. Sounds like they understand their religion just fine…

ISIL fatwa details 15 rules for raping female slaves without violating religious law | National Post

Released by Reuters, the chilling document justifies the sexual slavery by suggesting it is one of the ‘inevitable’ consequences of jihad.

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Kids Are Fair Game Again

The rules change when a Republican is doing well in the polls…

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Not A Cult

Except For The CBC

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December 2015:

Canadian military forces were very much in the thick of a major offensive by the Islamic State against Kurdish forces in northern Iraq on Thursday.

Two CF-18s struck a fighting position belonging to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, northwest of occupied Mosul, the embattled country’s second-largest city.

Canadian special forces personnel training Kurdish forces laid down supporting fire to back up the Kurds in repelling the offensive that involved hundreds of extremists, the military said Thursday.

January 2015:


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