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What Media Bias?

Via Twitchy: CNN reporter getting her marching orders from the Hillary camp.


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Troops clearing space at CFB Kingston for Syrian refugees

Soldiers and military personnel at a Kingston, Ont. base are being asked to clear their barracks to make room for an early wave of Syrian refugees arriving in just over a week, CTV News has learned. – CTV

Less than 2 weeks ago:

This Remembrance Day, I find myself reflecting on the extraordinary sacrifices of our Armed Forces. Their courage. Their commitment to keeping us safe. But also the hardships they face both while in uniform and after they come home. – Justin Trudeau

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Raising Taxes Won’t Change The Climate

More than 1,000 new coal plants planned worldwide, figures show |The Guardian

World Resources Institute identifies 1,200 coal plants in planning across 59 countries, with about three-quarters in China and India

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Things That Make You Go Hmmm

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Hey Everyone, Yoga Is Racist Now…

Free Ottawa yoga class scrapped over ‘cultural issues’

Student leaders have pulled the mat out from 60 University of Ottawa students, ending a free on-campus yoga class over fears the teachings could be seen as a form of “cultural appropriation.”

Jennifer Scharf, who has been offering free weekly yoga instruction to students since 2008, says she was shocked when told in September the program would be suspended, and saddened when she learned of the reasoning.

Staff at the Centre for Students with Disabilities believe that “while yoga is a really great idea and accessible and great for students … there are cultural issues of implication involved in the practice,” according to an email from the centre.

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