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Italy arrests Moroccan over Tunisian museum killings


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Terrorists Are Second Class Citizens…

Canada does the right thing…

Of course the left is against this…

NDP leader Tom Mulcair has said he would scrap the citizenship revocation law, and on Friday Liberal leader Justin Trudeau repeated his pledge to repeal it. “The bill creates second-class citizens,” he said. “No elected official should ever have the exclusive power to revoke Canadian citizenship. Under a Liberal government there will be no two-tiered citizenship. A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.” – NP

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Low Information NDP Candidate

And she’s vice-chair of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board..

After apologizing for making a penis joke about Auschwitz, a Hamilton NDP candidate says she didn’t know what the notorious Holocaust death camp was until the controversy erupted.

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As usual there is more to this story than we were initially led to believe by the media…

Reverse Engineering Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock… and Ourselves.

If we accept the story about “inventing” an alarm clock is made up, as I think I’ve made a pretty good case for, it’s fair to wonder what other parts of the story might be made up, not reported factually by the media, or at least, exaggerated.

Background from Ben Shapiro here

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During An Election…

The CBC runs this story:

Facebook building a dislike button ‘to express empathy’

And then tweets out this:


Then deletes the tweet when called on it…

Burn it down.

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Just Not Ready…

Gerald Butts isn’t as smart as he thinks he is…

When a war room fails a leader: Trudeau, truthiness and the economy | David Akin’s On the Hill

Trudeau should never have been put in this position. His first media availability Monday should have been scheduled until later in the day so that he could have read and been briefed on the report. Or Trudeau should have finished with reporters questions before the 9 ET release of the “surprise surplus.” Or he should have simply told reporters he would answer questions about this major budget document which he had not yet read later in the day.

Instead, he plunged right in — with disastrous results, considering he’ll be in a leaders’ debate on the economy in three days.

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