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How To Be A Racist


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Democrats Celebrate Healthcare Lineups

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Local News Story

The “Local News Story” angle used by the MSM as a clever way to suppress a news story that may be embarrassing to people or causes they hold dear. This type of media behavior is a variant of the “Name That Party” game where Democrat politicians who get arrested are never identified by party affiliation.

CNN On Why They’re Ignoring Leland Yee Story: We Don’t Cover State Senator Stuff… – WeaselZippers

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Scratch An Animal Rights Activist…

…Find A Racist

Lots of vegan animal rights southern white folks have been weighing in on the #sealfie hashtag campaign today. For some reason white southerners think its their place to lecture those in the North on their food choices and their traditional way of life.



This is from 2010 but it has some interesting food price information:




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Hollywood’s Cultural Genocide

Limousine liberals like Ellen feel free to lecture others on bigotry all the time. But what happens she uses her bully pulpit and wallet to preach against the cultural traditions of the Inuit people of the North?

Ellen’s Oscar selfie slammed by Canadian Inuit after Academy Awards host donates to anti-sealing fund

Canadian Inuit are taking on Ellen DeGeneres’ famous selfie photo from the Oscars after the celebrity gave some of the money raised from the star-studded pic to a group that fights seal hunting.

DeGeneres donated $1.5-million of the money raised by the photo to the Humane Society of the United States, one of the loudest voices against the seal hunt.

In response, Inuit from across Nunavut are using social media sites to post “sealfies” — pictures of themselves wearing sealskin clothes, standing beside freshly killed seals or looking forward to enjoying a tasty seal meal.

Even Twitchy got in on the act:
Pro-hunting Canadian Inuit post ‘sealfies’ in response to Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie


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Another Unnecessary Death

Man charged with second-degree murder in death of Moose Jaw woman.

A man is facing a second-degree murder charge in relation to the death of Shauna Maureen Welch, whose body was found in Raymore earlier this month.

On Wednesday, the RCMP charged 31-year-old Kenneth Bruce Worme with second-degree murder in connection with the death of the 27-year-old Moose Jaw woman.

Is this the same Kenneth Bruce Worme convicted for beating a toddler and armed robbery?

He also pleaded guilty Tuesday to two violent robberies that occurred on Dec. 23, 2006, during which men were robbed of cellphones, money and cigarettes in separate, violent incidents involving Worme and another accused. Worme also pleaded guilty to three breaches.

The Crown and defense made a joint submission for a sentence of 5 1/2 years in prison for all the charges, in addition to the time Worme spent on remand for the assault and robberies. Credited at double time, as is the usual practice, Worme’s remand time would be the equivalent of about 14 1/2 months, making the total sentence over 6 1/2 years.

Sounds like we need to talk some more about minimum sentencing…

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Another Inconvenient Democrat Truth

Fred Phelps was one of theirs…

A Hollywood RepublicanGay Hating Democrat Fred Phelps is Dead » A Hollywood Republican.

Phelps, who two years earlier was an Al Gore delegate to the Democratic convention, was not the infamous gay hater then.  But even in that campaign; he gave an interview in which he talked of the “cabal of homosexual activity in Topeka.”  It was obvious that his last crusade would be a jihad against gays.

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