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Why would distributors reimburse gun owners for confiscated rifles?


Swiss Arms Confiscated

Effective 10:00 pm eastern tonight the RCMP has reclassified the Swiss Arms Classic Green carbine from non-restricted (and restricted) to prohibited status. There are approximately 1,000 -1,800 of these firearms in the public. The government will not be offering compensation and will be demanding that the firearms, which cost between $3,000 – $4,000 be surrendered. The government is suggesting that all affected firearms owners contact the distributors from which the firearms were purchased for reimbursement.



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Predator who claimed to be transgender declared dangerous offender | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

A sexual predator who falsely claimed to be transgender and preyed on women at two Toronto shelters was jailed indefinitely on Wednesday.

Justice John McMahon declared Christopher Hambrook — who claimed to be a transgender woman named Jessica — was a dangerous offender.

The judge said he imposed the indefinite prison sentence because there’s a great risk that Hambrook will commit more sex crimes and require strict supervision if he returns to the community.



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That’s not too racist…

Via Washington Free Beacon

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Insane Power Player Tweet Of The Day

Not sure what cycle of violence journalist Daniel Pearl was accountable for or how he was going to reconcile having his head sawed off on camera…


The brain trust thought it over and decided to double down on stupid…

Mark Levin responds…

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Democrats attack Michigan cancer victim after being featured in political ad | Washington Free Beacon.

Julie Boonstra, a cancer patient who was kicked of off her health plan due to Obamacare, lashed out at Rep. Gary Peters (D, Mich.) on Saturday after lawyers for his campaign demanded that Michigan broadcasters cease airing ads featuring her story.

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The Failed Legacy Of The Obama Stimulus

Krauthammer on the Obama stimulus / The Right Scoop –.

FDR at least left behind a Hoover dam. Ike left behind the interstate highway system. This thing as predicted hasn’t left a trace in the sand except the ruins of the Solyndra plant.

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Butthurt Warmist

What’s behind ‘man-made global warming cheerleader’ David Corn’s sudden demand for oil? | Twitchy

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