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MSNBC Panelist Calls Kieran Romney A Token


It sums up the diversity of the Republican party and the RNC, where they have the whole convention and they find the one black person.


Marc Lamont Hill doubles down on CNN


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Insufficiently Servile

America’s Internal Checkpoints – Reason.com.

During a routine trip from San Diego to Phoenix in 2009, Pastor Steven Anderson was stopped at an internal immigration checkpoint about 70 miles from the Mexican border. A stern-looking Border Patrol agent asked Anderson to provide proof of citizenship and requested permission to search his car.

The persistent pastor declined both, citing his Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. He then asked to be allowed to go on his way. The request was denied.

After a period of dithering, agents announced that a police dog had alerted to potential contraband in the vehicle. They instructed Anderson to pull over into a secondary inspection area. The pastor repeatedly refused, at which point a Border Patrol agent and a state police officer simultaneously broke both windows of his car and shot the pastor with Tasers from each side, delivering lengthy and repeated shocks while Anderson repeatedly screamed in agony. – More…


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A Sure Sign Of Desperation

The NYT started their campaign for Hilary 2016 today with the resurrection of the “Video caused the Benghazi attack lie”. Truly pathetic…

A Deadly Mix in Benghazi – The New York Times.

The violence, though, also had spontaneous elements. Anger at the video motivated the initial attack. Dozens of people joined in, some of them provoked by the video and others responding to fast-spreading false rumors that guards inside the American compound had shot Libyan protesters. Looters and arsonists, without any sign of a plan, were the ones who ravaged the compound after the initial attack, according to more than a dozen Libyan witnesses as well as many American officials who have viewed the footage from security cameras.

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Enjoy Yer Vacation

Michael Ramirez

Michael Ramirez

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This marks a definite change in the course of the culture wars.

A&E Welcomes Phil Robertson Back to ‘Duck Dynasty’.

Less than two weeks after his anti-gay remarks prompted an “indefinite hiatus” for the reality patriarch — and a strong fan backlash — the network says he will remain on the series.

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The woman who led the charge against Romney’s “Binders Full Of Women” is banging Client #9. The left can’t see the irony here…

The former Mrs. Spitzer and a number of whores were unavailable for comment.

Via Twitchy

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Progressives Are Starting To Catch Up

Everyone Knows Obama’s 2013 Was Bad, The Tough Question Is Why.

These guys are stunningly arrogant. They really believe that their shit doesn’t smell, that they have all the answers. And that arrogance continues to hurt them.

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