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This is what irony looks like…

Tony Blair’s daughter Kathryn Blair held up at gunpoint by muggers – Telegraph.

Tony Blair’s daughter Kathryn Blair has been held up at gunpoint by two muggers near her home, it has emerged.

The 29-year-old barrister came face to face with the thieves as she and her boyfriend were walking their dog shortly after the wedding of her brother Euan.

The two men, one armed with a gun, demanded cash and jewellery before suddenly fleeing empty-handed.


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No Lie Is Too Big

President Obama hasn’t signed a budget in over 1600 days as is his responsibility. The Republican House passes budgets, the Senate Democrats kill them. OFA is President Obama…

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and 1600 Days Without a Budget

Today we have reached 1600 days without an operating budget for our country. But who’s actually counting right now? And why should we care?

Shut it down

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Elizabeth May Unhinged

Elizabeth May of Canada’s Green Party thinks “China is doing more on climate than Canada”….


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Party of the KKK

The author of this piece forgot to mention that Judge Rimes is a Democrat

Judge Ordered Sikh to Remove ‘That Rag’ from Head, Says ACLU – ABC News.

Singh appeared in court on March 26, when, his lawyers said, he was further demeaned by Pike County Judge Aubrey Rimes.

“Court officers told him he had to leave because he was wearing a turban and the judge wanted it removed. He was intimidated and horrified,” said the ACLU’s Atwood.

Rimes allegedly called Singh’s turban “that rag” and insisted he remove it or his case would be called last on the docket after everyone else in the courtroom had left. Singh refused to remove the turban and was called last.

According to the ACLU, Singh pleaded guilty to the charge of refusing to obey a command and paid a fine.

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Domestic Army Update

Dallas County Now Has Its Very Own Bulletproof, “Mine-Protected” Military SUV.

Now that the war in Iraq is officially over and the one in Afghanistan winding down, the Department of Defense found itself facing a conundrum. It had just spent billions of dollars buying heavily armored personnel carriers designed to stand up to insurgent attacks only to find that it had run out of wars to use them in.

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A weatherman breaks down in tears and vows NEVER to fly again due to grim climate-change report | Mail Online.

A weatherman breaks down in tears and vows NEVER to fly again due to grim climate-change report | Mail Online



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Mark Levin On CNN With Jake Tapper

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