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Rush Knows Leftists

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The Rich Are Portable…

… and so is everyone else.

Government Motors Is Alive And Detroit Is Dead

Detroit’s response to a declining business climate was more taxes, fewer city services and bloated pensions for workers in the only growth area — government.

The city’s $11 billion in unsecured debt includes $6 billion in health and other retirement benefits and $3 billion in retiree pensions for its 20,000 city pensioners, members of the public sector unions that helped bring Detroit to its knees.

In the face of government incompetence, it was the people of Detroit who went on strike. Detroit lost a quarter-million residents between 2000 and 2010. A population that in the 1950s teemed with 1.8 million is struggling to stay above 700,000. Much of the middle-class and scores of businesses also have fled, taking their tax dollars with them.

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The fact that the Democrats would stoop to this level over a candidate who didn’t even have the support of the Republican establishment is telling…

Delaware officials admit tax snooping; won’t identify Christine O’Donnell as target

The director of Delaware’s tax-collection office said Friday that his agency accessed the federal tax records in 2010 of an unnamed taxpayer, believed to be former GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell.
Patrick Carter, director of the state’s division of revenue, would not identify Ms. O’Donnell as the taxpayer but said he approved the inquiry “for routine purposes.”

“A state Division of Revenue investigator accessed records on or after March 20, 2010 following information that came to the attention of the division,” Mr. Carter said in a statement. “The record access led the state revenue investigator to conclude there was no basis for further state investigation of a taxpayer and no action was taken by the state Division of Revenue against the taxpayer.”

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All The News That’s Fit To Ignore

If you depended on the MSM to keep informed…

IRS scandal creeps closer to White House – Dallas Morning News

But a countervailing view can be found in your local newspaper today. We had a story on the hearing that included not a single mention of Carter Hull or William Wilkins, the IRS chief counsel appointed by that guy in the White House. (Honestly, I can’t even find our print story on our website, but it was a slightly shorter version of this Associated Press dispatch.)

Like I said, I’m stumped. It’s as if our story (the AP version) exists in a parallel universe from what would seem to be the bigger news.

Perhaps this will sort itself out over the weekend. Or maybe this whole IRS thing never happened.

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They never had lineups at the communist party stores in the USSR either…

LCBO’s new ‘simplified pricing formula’ gives diplomats, federal government 49% discount on booze

Late last month, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario began offering its products to federal departments and agencies at a 49% discount from the retail price that everyone else pays.

The cut rate on alcoholic beverages is also available to foreign embassies, high commissions, consulates and trade missions, most of whom are located in the Ottawa area, within the LCBO’s jurisdiction.

And the favoured buyers will be exempt from an LCBO policy dating from 2001 that sets minimum prices for products, under its “social responsibility” mandate.

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Do It For The Children

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