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In a supposed post racial America some people still seem to be obsessed with race…

Democrats criticize Haley’s checking of ‘white’ on voter registration application

What box should Gov. Nikki Haley check when it comes to her race?

The South Carolina Democratic Party tried Thursday to make Haley out as a liar for checking “white” as her race on her 2001 Lexington County voter registration application.

But the application had no specific option for “Indian.” Her options were “white, black/African-American, Asian, Hispanic, Native American or other.”

Via The Volokh Conspiracy

I guess the “One Drop Rule” is still the accepted philosophy of the modern Democrat Party. It still is for some celebrities


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The left would have us believe that it is wrong to take away a judge’s discretion in some cases…

Judge tells teacher sex offender: ‘I don’t criticise you for being attracted to children’ – Telegraph.

David Armstrong, a supply teacher, escaped jail with a suspended sentence after admitting possessing 4,500 indecent images of children.

As she allowed the 63-year-old to walk free from court, Judge Mary Jane Mowat told him: “I don’t criticise you for being a teacher who’s attracted to children.

“Many teachers are but they keep their urges under control both when it comes to children and when it comes to images of children.”

Child abuse campaigners yesterday described the comments as “outrageous” and an insult to victims.

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equals higher taxes…

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Give Me A ‘D’

Barry is tempted to be a dictator and the crowd loves it. Has a sitting President ever said such a thing?

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We Don’t Want You

Why do these losers always want to come here??

George Lopez | Sarah Palin | The Daily Caller.

“The Smurfs” star George Lopez is threatening to flee the country should former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin win the presidential election.

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Shared Sacrifice = Higher Taxes

No matter what they say, they mean higher taxes…

Roger’s Rules » Speaking of Shared Sacrifice . . ..

So the president wants “millionaires and billionaires” to “share in the sacrifice everyone else has to make.”  Right.  A couple of points: by “millionaires and billionaires” he means middle-class folks with a family income of $250,000 or above. By “sacrifice everyone else has to make” he means everyone except the 43.4 percent of tax filers who pay no federal income tax — many of whom, in fact, get a check from the government, i.e., from the other 50-odd percent who do pay federal income tax. (Remember this: the government has no money of its own: what money it disperses it gets from individuals and businesses.)

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‘You Need it Written Down?’

Making Robert Gibbs look smart…

White House’s Carney on President’s Debt Ceiling Plan: ‘You Need it Written Down?’ | The Weekly Standard.

(Chuck) Todd asked (Jay) Carney about the White House’s reluctance to release its plan to deal with the national debt and raising the debt ceiling. Carney acknowledged the White House was playing games. “We’re showing a lot of leg,” he said. When Todd pressed for details – “Why not just release it?” – Carney seemed surprised. “You need it written down?”

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