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They Need These For TV News As Well

Time for Senate hearings on the media menace. We’re not trying to stifle free speech we just want warning labels

Do they have a “We’re Not Interested” Button?


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This will work out great in November and beyond, good news indeed.

Via FoxNews

At a White House celebration of Ramadan tonight in the company of representatives of several of the Nation’s most prominent Muslim Brotherhood front organizations, President Obama announced his strong support for one of their most immediate objectives: the construction of a mega-mosque and “cultural center” at Ground Zero.  In so doing, he publicly embraced the greatest tar-baby of his presidency.  – Big Peace

Via The Corner:

The president has long been governing against the will of the American people. It’s good to see, concretely, whose will his governance favors. Given the choice between the 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America and ISNA, Obama chooses ISNA.

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Via RightScoop

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Move some troops from Iraq to Arizona, its not that hard Barry…

Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff Paul Babeu is hopping mad at the federal government.

Babeu told CNSNews.com that rather than help law enforcement in Arizona stop the hundreds of thousands of people who come into the United States illegally, the federal government is targeting the state and its law enforcement personnel. – CNS News

H/T – Drudge

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Religion Trumps Airport Security

In my international travel in the last year, to Europe and the US, I was required to show my passport at the boarding desk for id confirmation. I guess some people are more equal than others…

Frequent flyers know the drill: take off your shoes, surrender your tweezers and pack your shampoo in those little plastic baggies before lining up for the naked body scanners. But lift your niqab? Apparently not.

QMI Agency can reveal that neither airlines nor security services are asking Muslim women to lift their veils and prove that the face beneath matches their photo ID.

The issue came to light through a video taken by Mick Flynn of Bradford, England. Flynn was boarding a flight at Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport when he witnessed two women with their faces covered board an Air Canada Heathrow bound flight without being asked to remove their veils.

In fact, in the video that Flynn has posted online, a man traveling with the group hands in all the passports and is the only one to interact with airline staff while two veiled women simply walk through.

“I complained at the desk — and again as I boarded the plane — asking if the pilot was happy that two women boarded without being identified,” Flynn told QMI Agency. “Both members of staff whom I spoke to were flustered and clearly embarrassed.” – Toronto Sun

Update: John Baird to the rescue?

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