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The Amazing Ruth Underwood

One of the reasons I like Frank Zappa so much is the people he recruited for his band…


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Media Masturbation

The Philadelphia Inquirer has this poll on a with a front page masturbation piece about Obama. The loser who did the story didn’t even know that Bobby Kennedy was never President. The correction has been made but that doesn’t improve this journalistic abomination.


Via Jim Treacher and Hot Air

Not to mention these travesties:



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The Media Hasn’t Changed Much


Today at Westminster Cathedral in London, England, two journalists will receive the Ukrainian Order of Freedom. Both men are dead. What did they do to deserve this posthumous honour?

They told the truth when all around them their press colleagues were inadvertently (or, in one case, deliberately) misleading the public. – National Post

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Obama Team Working To Lower Expectations


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The LA Times is now digging into Obama’s legal carrer and finding it wanting.

30: The approximate number of legal cases Obama was involved in:

4: The number of years Obama was a full-time lawyer

70%: The amount of time Obama spent on voting rights, civil rights and employment, generally as a junior associate. (The rest of his time was spent on matters related to real-estate transactions, filing incorporation papers and defending clients against minor lawsuits.)

3,723: The number of billable hours Obama accrued while working at Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Gallard.

Via NewsBusters

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Journalism is Dead

Victor Davis Hanson on the media and the election…

There is now no journalism as we knew it. It died during the campaign. And so we have no mainstream media audit of politics other than the vestigial shrill warnings about the last three months of the dangerous Bush administration. From the New York Times, NPR, PBS, or Newsweek, we will hear little whether Obama is choosing a good or bad team, or said silly things or contradicts what he promised. They simply have lost all credibility and now the republic is left largely with bloggers, talk radio, and a few newspapers as mostly partisan auditors. This puts the mainstream media in a terrible bind. If Gitmo is not closed immediately, are the victimized detainees there suddenly redefined as terrible killers who can’t be let out? If adhered to, does the Petraeus-Bush withdrawal plan to leave Iraq by 2011, suddenly become sober and judicious? If not tampered with, do FISA and the Patriotic Act morph into reasonable measures? Does the economy suddenly improve on January 21, and Afghanistan become stable?

Via Hot Air

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If it ain’t broke don’t fix it dude…

“Statesmen in the United States should know that as long as they keep their arrogant attitude towards Iran the slogan of our people will remain the same and will not change,” Seyed Ahmad Khatami said in a Friday prayer sermon in Tehran.

“Our people’s slogan of hatred, which is Death to America, will continue to be heard,” added Khatami, a member of Iran’s Assembly of Experts that selects and supervises the supreme leader’s activities.


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