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Party Like Its 1500 BC


Spiegel has some instructions on brewing beer from way back…


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Nice to some Iraqis have their priorities straight.  Party on.

In a safer Baghdad, Iraqis party for 2008


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Looks like liberals are looking for the silver lining in Global Warming, the destruction of the Red States.

Via NewsBusters

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Musical Interlude

Jamie Bonk – “My World”

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Goodbye Oscar

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Nothing To See Here Folks

Network News Stories On Iraq War As Surge Progresses

Sept 07 – 179

Oct 07 – 108

Nov 07 – 68

Via NewsBusters

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Makes you wonder why people bother to donate their time and food at all.

Salvation Army defends hamper program

And in the U.S.:

The “Shut up, white boy!” woman is the “slum” dweller with a 60-inch TV 

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