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Its Not Rocket Science


Here is the scene yesterday on the Ring Road in Regina. Note the sign caption and the fact that people seem to be ignoring the warning. We were headed out of town at 9 am and saw the sign and at least 6 cars in the ditch, some with collision damage. This portion of road is notorius for being slippery in this kind of weather, but at 9 am there wasn’t much caution being exercised by drivers and there didn’t seem to be any sand or salt put on the road by the highways department. Coming back at 12:30 pm the scene was the same. The earlier cars had been towed away with a couple of new ones taking their place. There was still no sand or salt on the road.

While people are idiots and don’t seem to be able to slow down when conitions require it, the city and highways department seem to be dropping the ball here. This portion of the Ring Road is maybe 5 miles long and carries most of the Highway 1 traffic through town. How hard can it be to keep the ice off it in the first place? Just asking…


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Captain Beefheart – Upon the my oh my

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Anti-Vaccine Progress Report

Pakistan: Polio Epidemic Victims ‘Martyrs’ Says Cleric


A cleric in a northern Pakistani village has opposed a foreign-funded polio vaccination campaign of the Pakistan government, urging locals not to take any preventive measures against polio “as those killed during an outbreak are martyrs”. “I must tell my brothers and sisters that finding a cure (vaccination) for an epidemic before its outbreak is not allowed in Sharia ,” said Maulana Fazlullah during a Friday sermon in Mam Dherai village where he is building a madrassa with local funds. More…

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New Mountie

Congrats to my nephew Vinnie and the rest of Troop 23 on their graduation from the RCMP Training Depot on Monday. Now its off to their first posting. Good luck everyone.


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Why Vista Sucks


Ahh the blue screen of death is still with us…

The Most Annoying Things About Windows Vista – PC World / Yahoo

Look before you leap folks…

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Martyrs Memorial

Via the Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades Website:

yaser2.jpg Some guy named Yaser

[But the occupation felt Yaser’s contribution most in the careful and sophisticated planning of infiltration operations against military outposts and settlements. He played a key role in planning the successful infiltration operations into Gush Katif settlement that resulted in the death of at least 6 occupation troops, Eli Sinai settlement (2 operations) that resulted in the death of at least 3 settlers, Dugget settlement that resulted in the death of at least 4 occupation soldiers, Orhan military outpost that resulted in the death of one soldier at least.]

From the same people who brought you The Martyr Of The Week

You just can’t make this shit up can you?

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President Rush Limbaugh

I couldn’t resist…

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