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Jeez I Hope So

Our government would be negligent if they didn’t.  

Muslims say CSIS has spies in many mosques

Canada’s police and intelligence agencies, through their use of paid Muslim informants, effectively have spies in virtually every major mosque in Toronto, according to well-connected members of the Muslim community.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service does not deny operating inside Muslim religious institutions, but insists that it hires informants to report on people, not places.

Those knowledgeable about mosques and the tactics of security services say it often amounts to the same thing.

More @ Globe & Mail


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Careful What You Wish For



LGF – Map of Beirut Shows True Extent of Damage

JP – Over 100 rockets fired at Israel on Friday

Via Neale NewsHezbollah using civilians as shields – Didn’t work though


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Musical Interlude

My theme song from the 70’s. Saw The Tubes at the Ex in the 80’s when they toured with Bowie. Great show.

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Ben Stein On Proportionate Response

‘Disproportionate’? I don’t think so

Ben Stein – The American Spectator

So, now I see that some commentators are saying that Israel’s bombing of Lebanese Hezbollah strong points and neighbourhoods is “disproportionate.” The Israeli campaign, so this story goes, is bullying and terrorizing the Lebanese populace, and this is (so the argument goes) typical Israeli thug behaviour.


Let’s see. In the Second World War, the Germans bombed exactly no United States cities or towns. The U.S. bombed the hell out of them, day and night, for more than two years, including helping the British with firebombing Dresden, one of the most appalling civilian killings by a free people of all time.

Was it disproportionate? Well, no. The Nazis had bombed our allies, the British, in terror raids for years. They had started a world war. They had created a genocide unspeakable in human history. So, yes, there was horrible killing, but is anyone now saying it was disproportionate? Maybe a few, but not many. More @ National Post

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Neale News has a link to a CTV report on the tragic suicide bombing near Kandaher that killed 2 Canadian soldiers and wounded 8 others. DND has some more background on:


Cpl Jason Warren

Cpl Francisco Gomez

CNN has a related story here.

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Terrorist Enablers


US and Canadian companies are involved in possible illegal business relationships with a designated terrorist organisation (Hizballah)according to information from Internet Haganah. Greedy bastards.

“Of Hizballah’s 36 known websites, 11 are currently active. Each site makes use of up to five services: Registrar (maintains the domain name record), Datacenter (provides network access and an IP address), Webhost (handles the actual hosting of the website on a server), DNS server (points the domain name at the IP address), Domain name proxy service (attempts to hide the connection of the site to Hizballah by replacing the real whois information with the name of the proxy company). American companies provide 64% of all the services that the Hizballah sites require to stay online. Despite being a Lebanese organization, only 9% of the required services are provided by Lebanese companies. The remaining 27% of the required services are provided by Canadian companies.”

Jawa Report – US & Canadian Companies Aiding Hezbollah

Atlas Shrugs – Boycott America’s Terror Loving Companies

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Scottish Star Trek

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