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Mother sad daughter didn’t carry out bombing
21-year-old Palestinian arrested on way to suicide attack at hospital

The mother of a woman arrested in a suicide-bombing attempt told a Palestinian TV interviewer she was upset by her daughter’s capture, but only because it meant the 21-year-old wouldn’t be able to kill Israelis targeted for attack, including children.

The mother of Wafa Al-Bas – arrested at the Erez border crossing last June concealing a 20-pound bomb under her clothing – spoke to official Palestinian Authority television in a segment translated by Israel-based Palestinian Media Watch. – More @ WNDLGF


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Yahoo! Joins The Police State

Yahoo! link confirmed in second Chinese dissident case
Court papers about cyberdissident Li Zhi confirm that Yahoo! collaborated with the Chinese authorities, according to media watchdog Reporters Without Borders. Yahoo! and local competitor Sina both provided evidence that allowed the Chinese to imprison Li.

Li, a 35-year-old ex-civil servant from Dazhou in south west China, was given an eight-year jail sentence in December 2003 for “inciting subversion” over comments criticising official corruption posted on online discussion groups. He was also accused of mixing with the banned China Democracy Party online. More @ The Register

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Recommended Listening For The Week

Madness – One Step Beyond – 1979

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Just Another Day?

Palestinian mourners carry bodies during a funeral in the West Bank city of Nablus on February 24, 2006. Israeli occupation troops killed five Palestinians on Thursday in Nablus and Balata Refugee Camp. … Early Friday, the IOF killed two Palestinians it said were planting bomb – Palestinian Information Centre

Reading the articles linked above and below I was blown away by the matter of fact tone. I have seen more sensational articles in our local paper about resort parties on the May long weekend. We have no idea do we?

4 Armed Palestinians Killed In Weekend Violence In Gaza – Haaretz

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Don’t Piss Him Off

Stewart Ready To Move On After Daytona Drama

Between the warm breeze that blew through the Nextel Cup garage, the scenic mountains in the background and having a fast car in practice, Tony Stewart was feeling good.

“I’m calm, cool and collected,” Stewart told a cluster of reporters on Saturday from the back of his hauler at California Speedway. “You’re going to have to work real hard to tick me off today.”

Several tried. – More @ Nascar

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A Call To Action

The cartoon wars took a turn for the worse today when a fatwa was issued against beloved cartoon characters Tom & Jerry. It’s getting serious now folks, they’re not just after the cartoonists but now they want to destroy our cartoon characters as well. Its on thing for the Iranians to have nukes, but when they go after Tom & Jerry, its WAR!

Tom and Jerry – a Jewish makeover?
Iranian official says cartoon is conspiracy to improve image of mice, Jews. – WND & Memri

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Pretty Vacant Still

Sex Pistols Spit On Hall Of Fame Honor
The Sex Pistols have opted out on appearing at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The groundbreaking English punk rock group officially declined the honor — to be handed out March 13 at a dinner and performance at the Waldorf Astoria in New York — in a crudely scrawled, mispunctuated handwritten message posted on the band’s Web site Friday. – More @
Hollywood Reporter

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