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Scooter Bites It

A lot of fuss about nothing
Mark Steyn

The ‘Ding Dong, The Bush Is Dead’ fever rages on, disappointments notwithstanding. Hurricane Katrina was, at best, a wash. The more looters and welfare deadbeats who went on TV to whine that Bush wasn’t doing enough, the more most Americans remembered that New Orleans is a nice place to have a margarita with a topless transsexual but they wouldn’t want to live there and they don’t see why they should pay a gazillion dollars to those who do.

But in the wake of Katrina came a string of Category One or Two storms which the Democratic base and the media figure they can huff and puff into Category Four and total the White House. Tom DeLay has been indicted in Texas! Bill Frist is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission! Scooter Libby is up before the most zealous Federal prosecutor in the country! Can the impeachment of the President be far behind? More @ The Spectator


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Recommended Listening For The Week

The Rich Kids – Ghosts of Princes in Towers [Import]

The Rich Kids line-up included Glen Matlock, the original Sex Pistols bass player and Midge Ure later of Ultra Vox and Live Aid fame. Great 70’s punk album.

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Sniper Action

Army Times
A Marine sniper aims at insurgents from his position in Kusaiybah, Iraq, on Thursday.

Heads up Osama

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Should Be The First Of Many

Lingenfelter campaigning for nuclear plant

Murray Mandryk

Former NDP deputy premier Dwain Lingenfelter is embarking on a campaign to convince Saskatchewan residents that a nuclear power plant in northwestern Saskatchewan would be a huge economic opportunity for this province.

Lingenfelter, now a vice-president at Calgary-based oil company Nexen Canada Ltd., will speak to the North Saskatoon Business Association on Nov. 8 on the benefits of building a nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan across the border from the tarsands in Fort McMurray, Alta. More @ The Leader Post

We should line up reactors on the US border and suck as much cash out of them as possible. The Americans have an insatiable appetite for electricity right now and we have the uranium to make it happen.

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Atlas Shrugs In Korea?

Microsoft warns that Korea may have to do without Windows

Veiled threat or confession?

Korean lovers of Microsoft’s operating systems may soon have to live without the software, according to the code giant. Microsoft has confessed that Windows might be pulled from the Korean market due to ongoing actions by the Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC).

More @ The Register

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Chicago White Sox Web

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Recommended Listening For The Week

Waiting for Columbus-Deluxe.. [Live]
Little Feat

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