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Environmentalists Politicizing Death

Katrina and Disgusting Exploitation
James K. Glassman

A profound tragedy is unfolding in New Orleans, the most beautiful city in America, with the richest cultural history and the most wonderful style of living. I lived in New Orleans for seven years. I was married there. My children were born there. I have many friends there.

My daughter, her husband and their little baby managed to get out of the city ahead of the flood on Sunday, driving 14 hours into Texas with the few belongings they could stuff into their car. They have no idea what has become of their house and their possessions, not to mention their friends, their pets, their jobs, their way of life.

Tragedies happen, and my daughter and her family are happy just to be alive. Their losses and those of hundreds of thousands of other innocents deserve mourning, prayer and respect.

That is why the response of environmental extremists fills me with what only can be called disgust. They have decided to exploit the death and devastation to win support for the failed Kyoto Protocol, which requires massive cutbacks in energy use to reduce, by a few tenths of a degree, surface warming projected 100 years from now. – More @ Tech Central Station

Global Warming Blame Game
Michael Reagan

By now you’ve probably heard about the lunatic comments of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the Cindy Sheehan of the environmental movement, who blamed Hurricane Katrina on President Bush and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour for not buying into the global warming hype, and not signing up for the thoroughly-discredited Kyoto Treaty.

RFK is not alone in his delusions. In Europe the president is being castigated for not falling in line with all those Old World socialists eager to use the alleged warming of the world climate to create a new world order organized along the lines laid down by Karl Marx. More @ NewsMax.com

Hurricane Katrina Bush’s Fault?
By Brit Hume

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, who was camped outside President Bush’s Texas ranch for the past few weeks, says Hurricane Katrina is all President Bush’s fault, insisting that the president is “[now] heading to Louisiana to see the devastation that his environmental policies and his killing policies have caused.” – More @ FoxNews


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Another boy-bomber caught at Hawara

The number of terror threats continued to rise on Monday, with the security establishment registering 57 threats of plans by terrorist organizations to launch attacks.

On Monday afternoon, security forces arrested a 14-year-old Palestinian at the Hawara checkpoint north of Nablus, caught attempting to smuggle three pipe bombs.

Paratroopers and military police became suspicious of the teenager, identified as Hassan Khalifa of the Balata refugee camp in Nablus, as he carried a bag containing a box through the checkpoint. They demanded that he pass through the metal detector, and when he set off an alarm he was inspected and the pipe bombs in the box were discovered. – More At The Jerusalem Post

Via Little Green Footballs

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Recommended Listening For The Week

Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention – Burnt Weeny Sandwich

Originally released at the end of 1969, this is a collection of archival material from The Mothers of Invention, largely instrumental and featuring a lot of piano work from Ian Underwood. The doo-wopping “WPLJ” leads off a progressive jazz-influenced set including the full studio version of “Little House I Used to Live In” (far longer and more involved than the overture version on FILLMORE EAST); and “Holiday in Berlin, Full-Blown”. Jimmy Carl Black, Roy Estrada, Sugar Cane Harris and Don Preston are among the supporting cast. – Rycodisc

One of my favorite albums, not for the faint of heart though. – KS

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Crawford House of Hate

In her ongoing cameo as news media darling, Cindy Sheehan has been cast as the bereaved mother of an American soldier killed in Iraq. Sheehan has embraced that role with an activist’s gusto. She has called for the withdrawal of American troops and made vile attacks against Israel, justifying both by citing the tragic loss of her son Casey. Thus has Sheehan turned her 15 minutes of fame into a mendacious infomercial for the very elements who have dedicated themselves to murdering other mothers’ sons. In calling for the U.S. to pull out of Iraq, Sheehan is providing effective propaganda for the likes of the PLO and the diehard remnants of Iraq’s Ba’ath Party.

In this context, it is instructive to consider the groups that have pledged their support for Sheehan’s publicity stunt. Among those of her comrades less remarked upon is the Crawford Peace House of Crawford, Texas. Aside from being one of Sheehan’s most vocal backers, Crawford Peace House is a front group for several radical causes, among them the support of Palestinian terrorism and Ba’ath Party insurgents under the guise of promoting “peace” activism. The group’s homepage features a photo in which the entire area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean—what is now Israel—is wiped off the map. This is supplemented by an ahistorical banner complaining about “Israel’s attacks, invasions and occupation.” (No mention is made of the successive Arab assaults on Israel from its birth in 1948, then again in 1956, 1967, and1973.) To stress the point, the site displays a tired rant by one Hadi Jawad, in which all the problems of the Palestinians are blamed on Israel. – More From Lee Kaplan @ Front Page Mag

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More Government Meddling

Feds to ask CRTC to rescind pay-radio licences

Lobbying from broadcast operators is intensifying amid reports the federal government is ready to ask the CRTC to revoke its decision to licence satellite radio.

“Everything suggests that the cabinet will ask the CRTC to overturn its decision,” an official close to the file said in an interview with The Canadian Press on Friday.

In June, the federal broadcast regulator granted the first satellite radio licences to Sirius — a consortium of Radio-Canada and Standard Radio — and a company called Canadian Satellite Radio (CSR). – More At CTV

Via Neale News

This is not a suprising development actually. I don’t think sat radio will see the official light of day in this country until the Feds get a chance to cram it full of French and CanCon. Do not dispair though, there are plenty of American Sirius Radios for sale in Canada anyway. – KS

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New Race Car

NASCAR drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr., right, and Mark McFarland look over the recently unveiled No. 88 car at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Concord, N.C., on Tuesday. JR Motorsports will run McFarland in the car, which is sponsored by the U.S. Navy. The Navy hopes to use the car as a recruiting tool.

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Recommended Listening For The Week

Ian Dury & The Blockheads – Do It Yourself

One of my favorite disks from the late 70’s. – KS

Ian Dury’s music always bordered on the functional, since it was used as a backdrop for his wry vignettes and stories, but on his second album Do It Yourself, that aspect came to the fore. Largely abandoning the punk inflections that were scattered throughout New Boots and Panties!, Do It Yourself is a record of mid-tempo pub rock disco — competently played, but rarely engaging. Dury’s stories are all wonderful, filled with humor and penetrating detail, but only a handful of tracks, such as the terrific “Inbetweenies,” are married to actual hooks, and by the end of the record, the steady disco throb has become a little numbing. Even with these faults, Do It Yourself remains one of Dury’s very best records, since his lyrical facility throughout the album is simply amazing. – Amazon.ca

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