Almost 40,000 refugees have sought asylum in Sweden since September 1, but police believe that as many may have come to Sweden and who have not applied for asylum.

On the recent rash of murders on the streets of Israel:

The PA is playing a double game: it tells the world that it wants peace and coexistence with Israel; meanwhile it incites Palestinians against Israel, driving some to set out with guns and knives to murder Jews.

An Inconvenient Truth

Egypt’s Cairo university has banned teachers from wearing full face veil, sparking complaints | CTV News

The recent decision to ban all female staff from wearing the full face veil aims to put an end to student complaints of “poor communication” in class, the head of Egypt’s Cairo University said Friday.
Although the head-to-toe covering known locally as the niqab is “not a phenomenon” among his teachers, Gaber Nassar told The Associated Press that he wants to “cure the disease” before it becomes one.

Rex On The Niqab

Italy arrests Moroccan over Tunisian museum killings


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