John C. Beale, top climate change expert, sentenced to 32 months for CIA scam | Mail Online.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s top climate change expert and highest paid employee was sentenced to 32 months in federal prison today for defrauding the government.

The New Inquisition

Galileo had to deal with “scientific consensus” as well.

BBC Radio 4 Today programme criticised for giving climate change sceptic interview | Mail Online.

The BBC’s Editorial Compliance unit has blasted its flagship Today programme over its failure to provide balance on a debate on climate change.
The show’s editorial team was found to have given minority views and opinions ‘equal footing’ to those of the scientific consensus.
The programme, broadcast in February during the major flooding crisis featured climate change scientist Sir Brian Hoskins from Imperial College London who was debating the issue with a founder of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, which is sceptical as to its impact.

The main complaint for made by former Green Party councillor and low-energy specialist Chit Chong who said the BBC acted irresponsibly in allowing the debate to consider the existence of climate change.


Some notes on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 that was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. case:


Signed into law by President Bill Clinton (D)

Sponsored in the U.S. House of  Representatives (Democrat Majority) by Rep. Charles Schumer (D)

Sponsored in the U.S. Senate (Democrat Majority) by Senator Edward Kennedy (D)

Passed by a unanimous vote in the U.S. House of  Representatives / 258 (D) 176 (R)

Passed in the U.S. Senate 97-3 / Y – 54(D) 43(R) / N – 2(D) 1(R)

Twitter goofs who are outraged at the Supreme Court over their Hobby Lobby decision are venting their spleens at a blog (ScotusBlog) that writes on Supreme Court issues.


Update: So Predictable




Geography Fail

Apparently scientists and journalists can’t read a map… There isn’t anything “below” the South Pole that I can think of.

Over half of emperor penguins will be ‘wiped out by end of the century’ due to melting sea ice – Climate Change – Environment – The Independent.

The report acknowledges that such a classification would do nothing to save the sea-ice habitat of the species. However, it could prompt other actions that will help reduce the speed and magnitude of the population loss, the report argues.

These include identifying potential refuges – particularly in the Ross Sea, which is situated just below the South Pole and will be the last place impacted by climate change – and improving fishing practices to reduce the number accidentally caught in nets.


Righteous Shooting

Family member of robber wants more restrictions on legal gun owners…

Spartanburg Waffle House shooting video released, sparks deb – FOX Carolina 21.

Nineteen-year-old Dante Williams’ family said there is no doubt he entered the Waffle House in Chesnee back in January of 2012 intent on robbing it, but they say he didn’t have to die.

FOX Carolina obtained surveillance video from inside the Waffle House that investigators said shows Williams and his accomplice Jawan Craig come into the restaurant. Deputies said Williams is the one seen pointing a gun and demanding money.

Sitting at the bar area of the restaurant was Justin Harrison, a concealed weapon permit holder, who was armed the night of the robbery.

Money quote from family member of the “respectable boy” who had no firearms training:

Tamika McSwain is Williams’ cousin and said more training is needed before someone is given a CWP. McSwain said the video contradicts statements made by Harrison about what happened the night of the robbery, and said if Harrison had been bettered trained he may not have fired the fatal shots.


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