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Rebuke of Clinton and Obama from the Heart of a Mother – YouTube.

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Leading From Behind

Obama Campaigns as Red State Drowns; Seven Rallies Before Louisiana Visit.

Obama drops plans, follows Romney to Louisiana – TheDC

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 Islam Vs Man’s Best Friend?.

The fruits of The Cult Of Multiculturalism

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Life Is Cheap In Norway

Norway massacre gunman Anders Breivik declared sane, gets 21-year sentence – World News.


That’s the best volume discount in sentencing I’ve ever seen…


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Great Moments In Canadian Health Care

Don’t get prostate cancer in Ontario…

Last-hope prostate drug not funded | London | News | London Free Press.

There are two tiers of men with advanced prostate cancer in Ontario: Those who get access to a remarkable drug through private insurance, and those who get a death sentence.

The grim news is often delivered at the London Regional Cancer Program to men whose shoulders sag and jaws drop when told Ontario’s Health Ministry has for 15 months refused to pay for a medication covered by every other Canadian province.

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A Repeat Of Chicago ’68?

I sure hope so…

Occupiers Plan Massive Protest at Democratic Convention.

The Democratic Party has chosen this ‘Wall Street of the South’ as its rallying city despite North Carolina being one of the most anti-union states in the country and despite Charlotte being the home of several corporate criminals, most notably Bank of America, one of the mega-banks most responsible for the 2008 economic meltdown. Charlotte holds the second largest concentration of finance capital in the United States, the East Coast headquarters of Wells Fargo, the new home of human-rights offender Chiquita, and the home of Duke Energy, which recently merged with Progress Energy, making Duke the largest energy monopoly in the country.



We will continue to hold President Obama’s Administration accountable for refusing to close Guantanamo Bay, for not insisting on true universal healthcare, for deporting our immigrant brothers and sisters in record numbers,  for working to expedite approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, for signing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), for utilizing secret kill lists, for continuing to wage perpetual warfare, for failing to bring to justice those responsible for the economic crisis, and for its documented systematic effort to quash Occupations throughout the country.

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Obama returns to school district stiffed by his campaign for four years on $25,000 tab | Nevada Journal.

President Barack Obama is set to hold a campaign rally at Canyon Springs High School in North Las Vegas on Wednesday, his first visit to Southern Nevada since Nevada Journal revealed that his campaign left taxpayers here on the hook for the costs of events at local public schools.

Obama’s campaign, Obama for America (OFA), left the Clark County School District with nearly $25,000 in unpaid bills from two rallies at Bonanza and Coronado high schools in 2008.

Neither CCSD nor the Obama campaign would confirm for Nevada Journal the campaign’s plans to pay for Wednesday’s event.

In 2008, CCSD billed the Obama campaign $53,116.12 for the Bonanza and Coronado rallies. Obama for America originally paid $28,484.40 of the bill, but left $24,631.72 unpaid.

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That Wasn’t So Hard Now Was It?

Voter ID Challenger “Happy As a Clam” to Get Free ID in Pennsylvania.

In another victory for voter ID, last week a Pennsylvania district court rejected a challenge to stop the state’s new voter ID law from going into effect before the upcoming presidential election.

Now the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Viviette Applewhite, the lead plaintiff in the case who claimed that she would be unable to vote because of the new law, has obtained a voter ID.

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The Law Of Unintended Consequences

The environmental movement bullied us into using ethanol to offset oil use and all we got was higher food prices, huge corporate subsidies, and more pollution.

Canada’s ethanol policy feeds gas tanks before humans | Full Comment | National Post.

The free-market crowd has long been critical of the billions of dollars of subsidies directed to the ethanol industry in North America each year, to say nothing of the U.S. and Canadian governments’ mandates that ethanol be blended into gasoline. A green revolution? More like a redistribution of wealth from taxpayers to corn farmers and the owners of ethanol plants — with scant evidence of any environmental gains for all the trouble.

The problem is that ethanol necessitates the displacement of food crops, and has an embarrassingly large carbon footprint. Its production causes the release of more greenhouse gases than it saves by replacing fossil fuels. Yet governments continue to cave to the powerful ethanol lobby (food processing giant Archer Daniels Midland has spent millions a year on this front), relying on rosy but unrealistic assurances that at some point in the not so distant future, ethanol will magically become vastly less carbon intense.

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Pakistanis Sure Know How To Party

‘Down’s syndrome girl’, 11, faces death penalty for desecrating Koran in Pakistan | Mail Online.

An 11-year-old girl thought to suffer from Down’s Syndrome is facing the death penalty in Pakistan for apparently burning pages from the Koran.

Furious mobs of Muslim locals gathered outside the home of Christian girl Rifta Masih after she was found with charred pages of the Islamic holy book.

She was arrested and has been held in custody for the last 14 days under Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy laws. A conviction could see her executed.

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