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NDP Votes Against Flag Freedom Bill

We wouldn’t want to get caught up in that right wing patriotism stuff…

NDP votes against flag freedom bill | Canada | News | Toronto Sun.

One of the first acts of the NDP under newly elected leader Thomas Mulcair was to vote against a bill encouraging Canadians to “proudly display the National Flag of Canada.”


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Roseanne Tweets Address of Zimmerman’s Parents – UPDATE: Barr Threatens to Go To House.

The comedian Roseanne Barr last night tweeted the home address of George Zimmerman’s parents to her 110,000-plus Twitter followers, only to delete the posting after “not fully understanding that it was private not public.”

Barr’s posting of the correct Florida address of Robert and Gladys Zimmerman came at the same time Spike Lee was issuing an apology for erroneously disseminating a tweet that purportedly contained the home address of George Zimmerman, who last month killed teenager Trayvon Martin.

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#BoycottFail Limbaugh Boycott Dying Off

Advertising is about getting access to the most listeners which is why right wing talk turns a profit and left wing talk doesn’t. The market doesn’t lie…

Limbaugh sees heat over comments turn down to a simmer – The Washington Post.

The dark clouds hanging over Rush Limbaugh appear to be lifting.

Exactly one month after the conservative radio host sparked outrage by calling Georgetown law-school student Sandra Fluke “a slut” and “a prostitute” in a three-day diatribe, stations are standing by him, advertisers are trickling back to his program and the news media have moved on.


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Why Spike Lee Is An Asshole

As if putting a potentially innocent man’s family at risk isn’t enough, how about endangering innocent bystanders?

Paper: Spike Lee tweeted incorrect George Zimmerman address, possibly putting Sanford woman in danger | The Daily Caller.

Filmmaker Spike Lee tweeted the wrong home address for George Zimmerman, the Sanford, Fla., man who many are claiming should be arrested for shooting and killing Trayvon Martin. The tweet could have potentially put the woman who actually lives at that address in danger.

The Washington Times’ Kerry Picket went to the address that Lee tweeted as members of the New Black Panther Party were offering a $10,000 cash reward for Zimmerman’s capture, “dead or alive,” and others were demanding his arrest.

“[T]he Edgewater Circle address Mr. Lee re-tweeted out is not part of the gated Retreat at Twin Lakes where the shooting took place and where Mr. Zimmerman lives,” Picket reported. “The area is not even a gated a community.”

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“Just Crazy Enough…”

“Just Crazy Enough…” (A Personal Manifesto of Freedom) – Ricochet.com.

I’m just crazy enough to believe the Biblical injunction that I am my brother’s keeper,…not his slave; and that charity is an act of voluntary compassion rather than an armed robbery facilitated by the IRS.

There is lots more…

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Following The Media Template

Media malpractice…

Lather, Rinse, and Repeat – By Mark Steyn – The Corner – National Review Online.

The killer of French schoolchildren and soldiers turns out to be a man called Mohammed Merah. The story can now proceed according to time-honored tradition:

Stage One: The strange compulsion to assure us that the killer is a “right wing conservative extremist,” in the words of NRO commenter ExpatAsia, echoed by Chrisman and Galt’s Bain. Up north, this view was shared by Canada’s most prominent establishment Jew and the Liberal Party attack poodle Warren Kinsella (whom NR readers may recall from my free-speech cover story, which mentioned the groveling apology he was forced to make to “the Chinese community” after an unfortunately sinophobic cat joke). The insistence that the killer was emblematic of an epidemic of right-wing hate sweeping the planet is, regrettably, no longer operative. Instead, the killer isn’t representative of anything at all.

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But it’s racist to criticize this shit…

Sun News : Book tells Muslim men how to beat and control their wives.

 A local bookstore has “sold out” of a controversial marriage guide that advises Muslim men on how to beat their wives.

The 160-page book, published by Idara Impex in New Delhi, India, is written by Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi, who’s described in the book’s foreword as a “prolific writer on almost every topic of Islamic learning.”

The store’s manager, who didn’t give his name, said the book had been sold out for some time, and the store’s owner, whom the manager identified as Shamim Ahmad, refused to comment for the story.

It wasn’t clear whether the shop has ordered more copies of the book, but it’s available at online Islamic bookstores and even through eBay.

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Are there plans for a drive through window?

Death at Your Door: Dutch Group Pioneers Mobile Euthanasia – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International.

In early March, the NVVE opened the world’s first euthanasia clinic. It’s called the Levenseindekliniek, the “end of life clinic.” It serves as a point of contact for all Dutch people who want to die but don’t have a primary care physician prepared to help them do so. The clinic has mobile euthanasia teams, each of which consists of a doctor and a nurse. When an individual qualifies for the program after passing a screening, one of the teams makes a house call to inject two drugs. One puts the patient into a deep sleep, while the other stops all breathing, leading to death.

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Copy of a letter to the editor that the Leader Post hasn’t seen fit to print yet:

In recent months we have been hearing dire rumblings about the state of the The Regina Civic Employees’ Superannuation & Benefit Plan. The plan is currently running a projected unfunded liability of $246.3 million dollars with about 3900 current and 2500 retired employees.

The taxpayer is on the hook for a minimum 9.46% contribution for each employee’s pension benefits with talk that that amount could increase to a minimum of 12.38%. While the employees would have to make those same increased contributions the taxpayer is looking at a 2.7% mill rate increase to cover the city’s portion.

Lost in this discussion is any mention of the elemental unfairness for taxpayers to be paying anything into this pension plan. Over the last few decades through successive governments the taxpayer has become the financier of massive public sector pension plans. The only problem is that so many of us that are forced to contribute will never enjoy a pension of any sort outside of the Federal pensions which we all receive.

We have devised a new caste system where millions of taxpayers at every level of government are on the hook for a pension system enjoyed by the few. If you are member of the Government Worker Class you will be the recipient of the fruits of the labour of your neighbors while they struggle to put money away for their own retirement.

Before any tax increase is approved there should be a few ideas considered:

1. The retirement age for civic employees should be raised.
2. Early retirement should be phased out.
3. Increased contributions to the plan should be made by employees only.
4. Pension levels should be lowered.

I am sure that there would be a lot of resistance to any or all of these ideas but we can’t all work for the government and we shouldn’t all have to pay for the benefits of the few.

More from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation here:


The city was kind enough to send along more info on total costs:

The City of Regina is one of 5 employers belonging to the plan, with its employees making up approximately 42% of the membership.  City employees pay approximately $12 million in contributions  and this is matched by the City of Regina.  The required contributions rates would result in employees and the City of Regina each paying approximately $8 million more per year.

Since the city is only 42% of the total employer portion of the plan then the total amount of various government costs to support the pension plan is currently $28.5 million per year and would increase to $46.7 million per year under the new formula. Nice…

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Bloomberg Bans Food Donations

The ultimate goal of Big Government is to run all the charities out of town, especially the churches, leaving only the Government in charge of helping the poor. True wealth redistribution requires absolute Government control.

Mayor Bloomberg’s food policy hurts homeless—Jeff Stier – NYPOST.com.

So much for serving the homeless.

The Bloomberg administration is now taking the term “food police” to new depths, blocking food donations to all government-run facilities that serve the city’s homeless.

In conjunction with a mayoral task force and the Health Department, the Department of Homeless Services recently started enforcing new nutritional rules for food served at city shelters. Since DHS can’t assess the nutritional content of donated food, shelters have to turn away good Samaritans.

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