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Party Like Its 1500 BC


Spiegel has some instructions on brewing beer from way back…

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Nice to some Iraqis have their priorities straight.  Party on.

In a safer Baghdad, Iraqis party for 2008


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Looks like liberals are looking for the silver lining in Global Warming, the destruction of the Red States.

Via NewsBusters

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Musical Interlude

Jamie Bonk – “My World”

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Goodbye Oscar

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Nothing To See Here Folks

Network News Stories On Iraq War As Surge Progresses

Sept 07 – 179

Oct 07 – 108

Nov 07 – 68

Via NewsBusters

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Makes you wonder why people bother to donate their time and food at all.

Salvation Army defends hamper program

And in the U.S.:

The “Shut up, white boy!” woman is the “slum” dweller with a 60-inch TV 

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Fuckin hillbillies


This powerful photo shows something incredibly shameful and disgusting that reflects very poorly on the culture that allows it. If that old goat is such an altruist, he could adopt an 11 year old, not marry one. There is no excuse for not respecting the fact that an 11 year old is a child, not a repository for an old man’s lust. All cultures have things they do wrong, but this one is exceptionally wrong.

The image hardly fits our idea of the happy couple’s wedding picture – but this haunting photograph taken in Afghanistan graphically captures life for millions of girls given in marriage while under age. – metro.co.uk

Via Malkin

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Make It Up – Update

 Media Quagmire Continues… 7 Bogus Slaughter Stories in 7 Weeks!

The media’s bogus report on 20 headless bodies in Diyala Province Nov. 1, 2007
The media’s bogus report on journalist Dia al-Kawwaz slaughtered family members (with photo!)Nov. 29, 2007
The media’s bogus Afghanistan “construction worker” bombing. Dec. 2, 2007
The bogus Dwelah Massacre -December 2, 2007
The bogus refinery rocket attack -December 10, 2007
The bogus 12 mutilated bodies in Muqdadiya story -December 13, 2007
The bogus Diyala village reports -December 16, 2007

Gateway Pundit 

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What the Palestinian kiddies are watching:



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