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Strange Day In Kansas

Biffle wins a weird one.


1 +2 Jimmie Johnson 5506 Leader 29 3 6 15 18
2 -1 Jeff Gordon 5500 -6 29 6 4 17 23
3 +2 Clint Bowyer 5497 -9 29 2 1 4 14
4 -2 Tony Stewart 5389 -117 29 0 3 10 20
5 +4 Kevin Harvick 5380 -126 29 0 1 4 12
6 -2 Kyle Busch 5370 -136 29 0 1 8 16
7 -1 Carl Edwards 5364 -142 29 0 3 8 12
8 -1 Martin Truex Jr. 5348 -158 29 0 1 6 11
9 +2 Kurt Busch 5329 -177 29 1 2 5 10
10 -2 Jeff Burton 5320 -186 29 0 1 7 13
11 -1 Matt Kenseth 5287 -219 29 0 1 8 17
12 Denny Hamlin 5258 -248 29 1 1 10 15

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Saskatchewan 33 – Montreal 22

Highlights from the CFL

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I don’t think he’s too worried…

House Democrats to Offer Resolution Condemning Rush Limbaugh – NewsBusters

Limbaugh on Solid Ground on ‘Phony Soldiers’ - Influence Peddler

ABC News On ‘Phony Soldiers’ – Video

ABC doesn’t get any criticism for this.

Rush Transcript

These Dems are going to get more than they bargained for.

Malkin has more… 

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Dem’s Plan Uses Taxes to Fight Climate Change

Dealing with global warming will be painful, says one of the most powerful Democrats in Congress. To back up his claim he is proposing a recipe many people won’t like _ a 50-cent gasoline tax, a carbon tax and scaling back tax breaks for some home owners.

“I’m trying to have everybody understand that this is going to cost and that it’s going to have a measure of pain that you’re not going to like,” Rep. John Dingell, who is marking his 52nd year in Congress, said Wednesday in an interview with The Associated Press.

Dingell will offer a “discussion draft” outlining his tax proposals on Thursday, the same day that President Bush holds a two-day conference to discuss voluntary efforts to combat climate change. More @ WP

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Here’s Why:

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German Extiction Watch

This would help explain Europe’s headlong rush into almost unrestricted immigration.

According to European Union statistics, the crude birthrate — defined as births per thousand inhabitants — has declined in Germany in each of the last nine years, from 9.9 in 1997 to 8.2 in 2006. Even after factoring in immigration, the German population is experiencing “exponential negative growth,” Mr. Klingholz says. The problem is not new — deaths have outnumbered live births in Germany since 1972 — but a muscular response by the government is.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and her minister for family affairs, Ursula von der Leyen, have made it a prominent issue. A program known as Elterngeld, or, literally translated, parent money, which began this year, replaces up to two-thirds of a new parent’s salary to a maximum of 1,800 euros a month, about $2,530, if he or she decides to stay home. It replaced a program that only helped lower-income families with at most 450 euros, about $630, a month. – More @ NYT

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Good Fish Story

Man hooks 36″ Northern Pike. While he is reeling it in a 56″ pike challenges him for it and loses. Nice.

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France Taking Action – Finally

France races to throw out 25,000 illegal immigrants by year-end

As France races to deport 25,000 illegal immigrants by the end of the year – a quota set by President Nicolas Sarkozy – tensions are mounting and the crackdown is taking a toll.

Critics say the hunt threatens values in a country that prides itself on being a cradle of human rights and a land of asylum. Protesters have gathered by the dozens in Paris to protect illegal immigrants as police move in.

But with three months left in the year, police have caught at least 11,800 immigrants, less than half the target, so Sarkozy has ordered officials to pick up the pace.

“I want numbers,” Sarkozy reportedly told Brice Hortefeux, head of the Ministry of Immigration, Integration, National Identity and Co-Development, which Sarkozy set up after taking office in May. “This is a campaign commitment. The French expect (action) on this.”

There are no solid estimates of the number of illegal immigrants in France. The Immigration Ministry puts it at 200,000 to 400,000, many from former colonies in Africa. France has a population of some 63 million. More @ CP

Related: France Tightens Immigration Requirements

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Try Again

The prick pictured below tries to hang himself and fails, maybe the state should give him a hand…

Prosecutor Accused of Sex Attempt With 5-Year-Old Tries to Kill Himself

A federal prosecutor from Florida who authorities say flew to Michigan for an expected sexual encounter with a 5-year-old girl tried to hang himself in his jail cell Thursday but was stopped from harming himself, a sheriff said.


Incompetent twat.

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Send Him To The Gulag

Federal Prosecutor Arrested In Child Sex Sting
cunt.jpgA U.S. Justice Department official has been arrested on suspicion of traveling to Detroit over the weekend to have sex with a minor.

John David R. Atchison, 53, an assistant U.S. attorney from the northern district of Florida, was arraigned in U.S. District Court in Detroit Monday afternoon.An undercover officer posed as a mother offering her child to Atchison for sex, according to police.

Prosecutors said Atchison flew from Pensacola, Fla., to Detroit on Sunday intending to have sex with the 5-year-old girl. More @ ClickOnDetroit

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