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A MATCH-fixer said to have connections with an al-Qaeda fundraiser was last night linked to the murder of Bob Woolmer.The Pakistan-based bookie was the man turfed out of the coach’s room after a blazing row, sources claimed.

They said the man, who disappeared after 58-year-old Bob’s killing, is an associate of Dawood Ibrahim, one of the world’s most feared gangsters who has terrorist links.

Ibrahim is wanted over al-Qaeda funding and a series of bomb attacks which left 250 dead in Bombay in 1993. More @ Sun Online

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Build Your Own Stonehenge

Via J-Walk Blog & Daily Grail 

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Frank Zappa on Mike Douglas – 1976

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Meanwhile Back At The Globe


I made another trip to the Globe Theater this afternoon to see this fine play. The cast consisted of two actors doing multiple parts each. A good way to spend the day considering that Jimmie Johnson was winning the Atlanta race. No point staying home to watch that.

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KSM Confesses to Murder, Rosie Worries He Was ‘Tortured’ – News Busters

Video @ Hotair

Why is this hideous twat still on the air?

Confession transcript at Smoking Gun Via SDA

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How Many Jews Did Mama Kill?




Via Jihad Watch & Hot Air

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New Salem


The New Heresy 

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Jimi Hendrix – BBC 1969


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Good Flick


Went to see the movie “300″ on Saturday night. Good story, lots of great combat scenes, treachery, politics, and a little history. I couldn’t help thinking the whole time that it is a great commentary on our present situation. We seem to be working towards another showdown with the Persians right now.


Thermopylae today.

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No Free Trade Here

The Financial Post has a good piece on the stunting of our economy through government restrictions and handouts.

[While the developing world is opening up to free trade and globalization, the Canadian economy is still protected by a vast array of foreign ownership restrictions, corporate subsidies, marketing boards, provincial trade barriers and other regulations that coddle domestic companies.

The result has been higher prices and less choice for consumers, less innovation and lagging productivity growth, say economists interviewed by the Financial Post. Lagging productivity growth is one of the key reasons Canada's per capita income is now $9,200 below the United States, the gap having tripled since the early 1980s, Ontario's Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity (ICP) said last week.]

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